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Dream Job

I want to be a snake handler. Snakes are amazing; they really are. That would be just about the coolest job in the world for me. And I'd be a writer on the side.

I LOVE SNAKES. Wow. I really, really do.
Apparently so much that I need better words to describe it.
But for now, just know that I would love to handle snakes for a living. If you hear of any job openings...

 My future child, ladies and gentlemen.

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Know by Heart

It's really minor, but when I first heard Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl," I thought the lyrics said jelly chapstick, not cherry.
Note: cherry chapstick does NOT taste all that amazing. Just like regular ole chapstick.

Other mistakes: Thinking "My world crumbles when you are not here" from Macy Gray's "I Try" was "I make waffles when you are not here." Pretty funny-- actually, I think I preferred my version...I mean, that's one thing you could do, right?
Oh, and my dad thought the line "How my poor heart aches" from "Every Breath You Take" by The Police said "I'm a pool hall ace." I've always been impressed by his creativity.

And I'm convinced no one, not even Elton John himself, could get the lyrics to "Benny and the Jets" right. It was never meant to be.
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Humans and Cylons

I recommend the class "Introduction to Philosophy & Ethics," or PHI 213. Also, a certain episode of Star Trek in which Data proves that perhaps HE IS MORE HUMAN THAN WE THINK. Which makes sense, as he was not played by Keanu Reeves.

London out. Hangin' with my robot friends.
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Set Sail

Catherine and Heathcliff need to be together, okay?
Also, Hidalgo and Jazirah.
Winston and Julia.

And ESPECIALLY Christine and the Phantom! (this refers to the movie/play only)
You can quote "not as good of a story" to me, but remember that this is only fanciful play, nothing more.
They should.
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The Season of Giving

Last year's Christmas festivities were probably some of the most interesting my family has ever been involved in. Since we were going to be 12 hours away from home at Christmas to celebrate with extended family, and we hadn't had time to shope anyway, we decided to have our personal family Christmas on New Year's Day. After we got home and rested, we took some days off just to do shopping/eating/hanging out with family, which was cool, and then we stayed up late New Year's Eve playing dominoes, then went to bed with the anticipation of Christmas the next day! It was loads of fun, plus we hit all the Christmas sales, which rocked. In fact, I'd love to do it again, but somehow it almost feels like cheating. Still...what do you think?
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Secret Ballot

York being the small community it is, there weren't any long lines at ALL at the polls. However, the two guys I went with were asked by one individual to remove their USSR-flag capes, though the reasons given for the asking were dubious. All in all, though, my first ever experience with voting went incredibly smoothly. Thank you, Nebraska!

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I'd like to have a creature that could transform into any animal I desired as my means of transportation. You see, some days I want a dragon to fly around on, some days I think it'd be pretty sweet to ride around on a horse; the other day I even wanted a mule/donkey. Wouldn't that be great?
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R.E.A.D. in America Day

Let's just put it this way: Reading is so important to me that when I was young, my parents would put our books in time-out to punish us.
Yeah. We're dorks. Don't care. Reading rocks.
It's one of the best parts of my English major. You "have" to read stuff all the time. The other best part is writing-- the inverse of reading, if you will.
Reading forms the foundation of education. It all becomes the same eventually. You must be able to understand the language. Once you grasp that, the world's fog begins to clear and all around becomes salient and beautiful and known. Even if you do not think so now, you will find it to be true. But, as Levar Burton would say, "Don't take my word for it." :)
As to what I would recommend, I can say that personally my favorites are classics, fantasy, and poetry, but I have found that many things may be enjoyable. Just read. Read something worthwhile. Read something good. Read something somebody besides Oprah recommended. Read something you picked up at random off the shelf. Read something that stimulates your soul, that makes you think, that makes you more yourself and a better, more worthy person. And definitely read Pippi Longstocking.
Yours truly,
London, authoress

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